The Lingo of Micronesia

Old Days of FSM

Micronesia is contain thousands of islands which is located in the Eastern of Caroline Islands and Pacific Ocean. Polynesia (East part) and Melanesia (South part), are the culture shared by the people living in this federation during the history of man kind.It was found by the human way back the Vanuatu Era before 1000 BCE. The wanderer are said to find their way up the chain of islands then stretch to the westward from the Marshalls. Then, from the west part, the island of yap have been reside maybe from Indonesia or Philippines way back 2nd century CE.During the 16th century, it was visited by the Spaniards and later on it was named for Charles II the king of Spain. When the 19th century came, naval ships from European countries resides in the island contains of whalers and traders. This was the first time this island had a touch with other nation or foreign countries.